TeenTaal Rela Exercise

Dha Thetekete Tak Thete Kete Denegene


  • The ‘denegene’ portion is to be played as follows:
    • De represents a Tun+Ge sliding to the right on the tabla
    • Ne represents a leftwards slide to the na/tin area and with the ring finger
    • The second Ne also slides leftwards and strikes the same na/tin area and with the ring finger
    • HUGE amount of sliding of the right hand is used to do this portion

Rupak Tukra #1


Kat DhaTereketetak Terekete Dha – Ti – Dha
DhaTereketetak TeReKeTe Dha – Ti – Dha
DhaTereketetak TeReKeTe Dha – Ti – Dha


  • Play above composition THREE times
  • Pause 1/4x second after each line, and 1/2x after each three-line iteration
  • The last Dha on the last iteration should be played as a Tin, as a part of the next Theka