I am a software engineer with a passion for the Tabla. My Guru is Pt. Shashanka Bakshi, a classical Tabla virtuoso of the Beneres Gharana. Most of the compositions in this notebook have been provided to me directly by him, and attribution can be found by the tag Pt. Shashanka Bakshi.

In terms of my own Tabla journey, I’ve been learning the instrument on and off for the past eight years. ¬†Over this period of time, I’ve learned many playing styles, but equally importantly, I’ve gathered many compositions. The purpose of this notebook is to document compositions I have learned and notes associated with them such that anyone (including me) can quickly access and learn from them.

Hopefully, these compositions will benefit you in some way. I certainly hope they will help me in my own endeavors.

Rishi Verma
September 16th, 2013

NOTE: This WordPress notebook is made possible by the TablaPad WordPress plugin.

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